by Devil's Dice

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Do my eyes deceive me? Such a sight to behold An ambivalent nation Our future's brought and sold An array of distractions Numbing the mind and the pain Blindness forced upon us Its time to break these chains Can't you see past the words that your fed? Why walk a path you've been ordered to tread? Don't let faith in yourself get lost Don't Surrender Feed the flames, of freedom's fire Liberty, our one desire (So) find the truth, in your own mind Search yourself, for the strength inside Feed the flames, feed the fire Standing proud, burning higher I'm not here to waste my time I'll make my stand, before I die I'll burn forever And melt your callous disguise No matter what you throw at me I'll never be denied Far too long in silence The truth was kept in the dark Set freedom's gears in motion Lets ignite this spark Life's a war with no end in sight To survive in this endless fight Never forget that you do have a choice Stand up and use your voice!
Pushed in the corner Locked in the box No options left open Cast upon, a hopeless course its fuelling the anger From the man on the street It takes more than opinions To guarantee, a swift defeat The words you speak are loud and proud But without action you're lost in the crowd When there’s no heart to go the distance It’s just passive resistance A righteous soul won’t move any ground If he don’t make a sound When there’s no will to face the instance It’s just passive resistance And all your talk won’t mean a thing So let your voices sing! Another drone on the TV Hyping the tired clichés You conscience won’t take it You prime your mind for change Still so many, just sit by Armchair warriors them all You realise that talk is cheap Empty plans and curtain calls Passion’s fire might burn inside But only action can turn this tide
I Walk Alone 04:26
A Parade of confusion This ain't no straightforward life Searching for my salvation A burning hunger inside How can I find, what I'm looking for... It's a lonely road On reflection, I know what's in store... Behind every door Forsaken, I Walk Alone The house of broken love is my only home Wo-o-oh, I Walk Alone Am I forever bound to stand on my own It isn't easy but I carry on I know I've been here before But every minute is a moment lost Don't wanna lose anymore Events of the past have their chains on me... It's a heavy load Fortune or fate, can they rescue me... Set me free
When I think back to days gone by A different life, a different time Memories of a love that could have been A ghost in my heart still haunting me I can't turn back, or change what's inside Within my soul, there's no place to hide Forbidden memories Fade into history A life that could have been That I'll never see Your vision's burned inside my mind The details fade with the march of time No reason to doubt the path I've chose This love I've found, is too strong to hold But in my mind, you'll always be there (If I saw you now, would you even care?) Unanswered questions that I'll never share Forbidden memories Fade into history A life that could have been Or only a dream
Libertarian 05:21
Forced life in the rat race It will never be my game Conform for the treasure Pour your life straight down the drain Identity wasted In a web of greed and lies Force fed by the hour Now your brain's been paralyzed Your survey says that i am wrong its not my wish to just belong My soul is not for sale My mind is not for rent Can't break this iron will Can't break this strong defence Your gutless words will fail The way they always did I see through every lie And go my way instead It's time To take hold of your life So many excuses They say its easier this way Sacrifice their potential They've got nothing left to say Was there ever a moment When they yearned for something more Than a life bound to order A chance to settle the score Its far too late to turn back now I've made my choice, I'll stand my ground You'll never change my mind You'll never change a thing
I’m seeing changes in you What are you trying to do? What are you trying to be? It makes no sense to me All the times we spoke Your feelings feigned or provoked Once I had time for you Now I see I've been used Pure Self Interest, Its just a game Right about you, right to doubt you, right about you Another disguise, time to realize, no more alibi’s Just a Chameleon A new enticing face You exercise your charms Then leave without a trace And now I can’t forgive You took what you could get Left here with nothing more Another damn regret Pure Self Interest, in hopeless disgrace A shameless fool, no conscience to waste Is there no end to your games? No excuses for this shame Right to doubt everything I saw Your life's a deception, tell me what for I see changes Changes in you I'm seeing the changes Changes in you You Change - change to suit your game You change - change with no ounce of shame
3AM, my eyes are wide open All my troubles, shine crystal clear Every fear, magnified in my mind Every thought, every crime Strong persistence, yet sleep Is denied me Keep on thinking, of what could have been Time rolls on, minutes feeling like days Shadows fall, no escape Save me From this wide awake nightmare, haunting Save me Breathe some comfort inside me So tired yet so sure, the wolf is at the door In this prison, my thoughts start to wander Back to places, i don't wish to be Dreams denied, in this nexus of night War within, no respite Lonesome heartbeat, my only companion Constant waiting, no peace to be found Life on hold, in the hour of the wolf I Can't Sleep... Save me From this wide awake nightmare Save me Somewhere that I can be free All alone in the night Somebody rescue me As I pray for the light
Sometimes I forget How far we've come Though the odds were against us Ever since we've begun Through all those hard times You kept my dreams alive A light in the darkness That could never subside You took the weight off my shoulders One chance to begin again Forget the past, that battle is over You were my awakening In the midst of the madness You're my saving grace In a world with no shelter Your my last safe place When the truth gets left behind Your the one thing I can believe in No other is capable Of giving me this feeling So long, I felt I was falling Everyday was a losing game No more, my destiny's calling You were my awakening
Playing for time, is a dangerous thing When you're waiting on change, a chance to begin Free from the shackles, free from the pain Breaking away from this anger and shame Oh! It's too far gone, I've been hangin' on too long In a place I know is wrong Oh! It's over, it's done I've been hangin' on too long In a place I don't belong Lost in the shuffle, slummin' it with the fools Liquor store wisdom, a fate that they choose Walking the hard road, been payin' my dues I'll fight my way back, I'll drive my way through
The Grudge 04:49
Responsibility, a dirty word for you Irrationality, disregard the truth Forget, your sins of the past (it's) my fault, your judgement is cast A brazen attitude, you revel in disgrace No chance , for making amends A fractured soul with a lust for revenge Too late, the verdict is in, Vilify Put the blame on me Bear your grudge for the world to see Lay it all on me Lie, Hate, Sleep, Repeat A faked reality, to justify your deeds A warped mentality, your conscience in defeat You play the victim well, then unleash the abuse Spit your venom, smash my name You’re just a coward in a losing game Inside your mind, you know its true All blame and guilt rest solely on you Force the issue, spread the lies Logic and reason so quickly denied Your agenda's plan, so easy to see Playing the victim for eternity
The deck is stacked, that's the way it seems An uphill climb, like its always been Too many times, I've seen my plans denied By outside forces, they build a crushing tide What's left for me to prove Ask myself... what more can I do This fire still burns inside I'll defy... Inside the fight goes on Will I live to see it won? Nothings guaranteed The outcome's left undone You can stand and hold your place Or disappear without a trace, It’s a matter of faith if you make it to the end Common sense and my dreams collide, To risk it all, or to just get by? There must be a place they can co-exist, Not end up scrawled, on some bucket list I can't stop now, throw it away, Too much I've earned, too much I've gained A path that's worn, with the hands fate... No easy answers this way


Forged in the hard rock / heavy metal heartland of Birmingham, England; Devil’s Dice deliver big riffs, melodic twin lead guitars, soaring vocals and catchy choruses that evoke memories of the greats of the genre, but with a delivery and style all their own.


released July 15, 2015

Produced by Alex Cooper & Dave Clark.
Associate production - Chris Webb.
Recorded and mastered at Arkham Studios, Birmingham. UK.
Licenced to D-Force Records.


all rights reserved



Devil's Dice Birmingham, UK

listen through the discography and you will hear this is no mere tribute to traditional metal; elements of the classic bands shine through, but at the same time Devil’s Dice don’t sound specifically like any of them, creating their own unique character and sound which is distinctly modern Classic Rock & Heavy Metal. ... more

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